Facebook Dynamic Ads

Create highly personalized dynamic ads with Facebook,
the biggest social media network in the world.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Ads are advertisements made through and displayed on Facebook that automatically show the right products to the right people. These ads are automated to be displayed to users based on several factors, such as which pages a visitor looked at on your site, whether or not they made a purchase, how far they got through the purchase process, if they added a product to their cart, and more. Facebook Dynamic Ads are so specifically targeted that they might as well be served on a nearly individual basis.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Services

With the massive amount of user data that Facebook holds, retargeting and segmenting is extremely advanced with their Dynamic Ads. Facebook will pull from its extensive database of information and automatically match your ads to potential customers that are most likely to be interested. You won’t have to worry about manually adding or changing things in your ads; algorithms keep everything up-to-date for you.

sync products

Automatically sync product catalog

Once you’ve enabled Facebook Dynamic Ads with the Facebook Pixel in your store, your product catalog is instantly uploaded to be used in ads.

  • Ads will continue working for as long as you want
  • Always uses up-to-date pricing and availability
  • No need to manually create an ad for every product
Create campaigns

Create campaigns

With your product catalog synced, you can start building your highly-targeted product campaign and create product sets in the Ads Manager.

  • Promote specific products
  • Create targeted product segments from your audiences
  • Build highly targeted campaigns that convert high
Set audiences

Set audiences for retargeting

Use your limited ad budget more effectively through retargeting to determine the highly-specific audience you want to see your ads.

  • Gain access to valuable, ongoing data from Facebook Pixel
  • Target customers and warm leads (users who’ve bought from you or given you their email)
  • Identify and target website visitors (even based on how long it’s been since the last visit)
  • Target users who engage with your Facebook page and posts
Design ads

Design ad text and imagery

Since Facebook’s algorithm does most of the work for you due to the dynamic nature of their ad program, you can keep your ads fairly simple and effective.

  • Use keywords for ads instead of titles, captions, or images
  • Set custom calls-to-action
  • Include product names, images, and current prices in ads
business goals

Create ads for specific business goals

Facebook Dynamic Ads offer three types of highly-optimized ads that are tailored to different industries: travel, auto, and real estate.

  • Travel Ads made for promoting itineraries to people who want to travel
  • Automotive Inventory Ads made for potential car buyers
  • Dynamic Ads for Real Estate made to close deals with people looking for homes

Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Ads

Putting your ads on Facebook is extremely valuable, due to its expansive reach and unparalleled targeting techniques. Facebook Dynamic Ads is a step up from typical ads, making social media advertising less time consuming and confusing by helping you:

  • Create more highly-specific ads faster than ever before
  • Reach tons of new potential customers
  • Advertise with an easy, affordable, and effective solution
  • Showcase your products on mobile, tablets, and desktop devices via Facebook & Instagram

How to integrate Facebook Dynamic Ads in your online store

Shift4Shop and Facebook have partnered to provide highly targeted dynamic ads within your store, making retargeting easier than ever while saving you time and money. Facebook Dynamic Ads work with a built-in module in your Shift4Shop’s Online Store Manager, so your store’s Facebook Pixel and product catalog are automatically installed and uploaded.

With a certified integration to Facebook Dynamic Ads, Shift4Shop merchants can have advertisements up and running in minutes. Join many small businesses who use dynamic ads on the biggest social media platform in the world.

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