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Facebook Shop

What is Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shop brings eCommerce to your business's Facebook presence by allowing you to sell products from a Shop tab on your Facebook Business Page. Selling on Facebook increases your brand's exposure and provides another convenient way for customers to buy from you. Add products with images and other information, organize inventory into Collections, and build your Facebook Shop into a profitable channel with the help of Shift4Shop's integration and synchronization.

Find New Customers on Facebook's Shop Tab

Customers can access a special Facebook Shops section from their news feed or Facebook app. Here, they can search for products by keyword similarly to searching on Amazon or Google. Their search results will show offerings from numerous brands, so this is a great way for new customers to discover your business. This feature makes your business's Facebook Shop more valuable than ever before.

Facebook Shop Tab

Facebook Shop Products & Services

Your Facebook Shop will enhance your Facebook Business Page by streamlining the buying process for new customers who find you on social media. Some customers hesitate to trust the website of a brand that's new to them, while others simply appreciate the convenience of shopping without needing to leave Facebook.

Reduce Friction for Customers

Reduce Friction for Customers

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if it's fast and easy. By adding a Facebook Shop, you can sell to them directly from your Facebook Business Page, reducing the number of steps they need to take to buy your products.

Create Complete Product Entries

Create Complete Product Entries

Facebook Shop allows you to add product images, pricing, ratings, current promotions, and more. It's like opening another storefront in your customers' busiest neighborhood!

Provide Fast Customer Service

Provide Fast Customer Service

Customers will feel welcome to reach out to you on Facebook, giving you a great opportunity to provide the type of attentive customer service that will keep them coming back.

Gain Brand Exposure

Gain Brand Exposure

Get your products to show up in Facebook Shop search results for shoppers looking for the type of products you sell. This will raise awareness of your brand and attract new customers to your business.

Collect Insights and Data

Collect Insights and Data

Your Facebook Shop tracks information like views, clicks, and purchases for each of your products. This can help you identify trends, top performers, and areas that need improvement so you can refine your eCommerce strategy.

Multichannel Sales

Multichannel Sales with No Extra Investment

Facebook doesn't charge fees or impose minimum sales targets on Facebook Shops. Instead, you simply pay a small fee per-sale. This means you can expand into multichannel eCommerce without paying up front.

eCommerce Integration

eCommerce Integration

Facebook integrates with Shift4Shop to allow you to synchronize products between your Shift4Shop store and your Facebook Shop. Add products to Facebook with complete information, sync your inventory, and handle all orders together within your Shift4Shop dashboard.

Expand Your Business to Instagram

Expand Business to Instagram

Creating a Facebook Shop not only lets you sell on Facebook, but also sets you on the path to selling on Instagram. Once your Instagram account is approved for business use, you can tag your Facebook products in your Instagram posts and stories to create Shoppable Posts. Followers can learn more about each featured item and have the option of making a purchase.

Sell Faster with Facebook Checkout and Instagram Checkout

Instagram Checkout

Shopping online can be a pain, especially on mobile. Now, with Facebook Checkout and Instagram Checkout, customers can go through the checkout process within the corresponding app. This lets them complete their purchase as smoothly as possible. The more convenient the shopping experience, the more likely they are to return! Facebook Checkout and Instagram Checkout are both optional, so you can still send your customers to your website to check out if desired.

How to integrate Facebook Shop in your store

Shift4Shop and Facebook have partnered to make it easy to sell on your own eCommerce website along with Facebook without needing to spend extra time running 2 separate sales channels. Setting up your integration only takes a few steps — simply log into your Facebook account and your Shift4Shop account and activate the Facebook Shop Integration module. You'll then be guided through an onboarding process that sets up the connection, followed by synchronization of your products.

With a certified integration with Facebook Shop, you can break into multichannel sales in minutes and start selling to millions of potential customers on Facebook. Your competitors are already there, so your business should be too!