How to Sell Computers Online
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It’s safe to say this generation loves its computers. But you don’t need programming experience to turn that love into a livelihood. Learn how to sell computers online, and you’ll open up the door to earning potential from your own home computer. Plenty of people are doing it—which is part of the reason why ecommerce has become a booming industry, surpassing in-store retail sales by large percentages.

Starting an online business may seem daunting, but it’s much simpler than you might think looking at other online stores. The places you shop online offer a subtle charm that can be recreated using a strong shopping cart platform. Ah, but we’ll get to that. Check out some of our tips on how to sell computers online below to get started on the right foot.

1. Find your niche.

New storeowners are often tempted to cast a wide net. You may want to stock every computer type and brand to make sure you can sell to anyone looking for a computer. Unfortunately, the internet is rife with online stores that do that. How are you different?

Plenty of online brands have found ways to differentiate their stores from the competition. For instance, Cult of Mac only covers Apple products. In general, computer users know what kind of computer they like best. If you want to learn how to sell computers online, you’ll want to do some deep research on your audience.

2. Come up with a flashy but descriptive store name.

3. Buy wholesale (or drop-ship) and calculate your margin.

Unless you have the skills and resources to construct your own computers, you’ll need to partner up. Depending on your niche, work with a distributor or manufacturer to purchase wholesale or act as an affiliate. Calculate the profit margin on your pricing structure and do some research on the competition. That way, you’ll have a good idea of market pricing and how to stay competitive.

4. Get set up with a strong eCommerce software suite.

A shopping cart software platform can handle all of the heavy lifting for you. As you learn how to sell computers online, you’re sure to find a lot of feedback on shopping cart solutions. Make sure to find one that has the features you need, like the ability to launch and measure promotions and create your own email newsletters. That way, you’ll have simple tools to market your store and products.

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