Hats: you wear ‘em well. You know when they look good. Turn your expertise into a business by learning how to sell hats online. Ecommerce is a huge marketplace with plenty of room for more hat salespeople. If you’ve thought about becoming one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Shift4Shop, we’ve helped people sell everything from musical instruments to baby clothes. Online retail works, especially if you have the right tools for the job. Technology comes into play here. It’s about having everything at your fingertips so you have time to focus on growing your business.

1. Find a software solution that’ll help you manage your business.

Your store needs an experienced, professional touch. The shopping cart software you choose will be one of the driving factors behind that. As a result, it’s important you choose an experienced software company with plenty of support resources to back up their software.

2. Decide what kind of hats you want to buy.

Choosing the right chapeaus may be a matter of taste. Do you really like the look of messenger caps? custom hats? What about beanies? The possibilities go on. Depending on what you want your brand to represent, learning how to sell hats online means picking the selection that best represents your store (and best appeals to your audience).

3. Choose a supplier with great taste.

Once you figure out which hats you want, you’ll need to find out where to get them. As a direct-to-consumer retailer, you’ll need to find someone on the back end who can sell you hats in bulk at a discounted rate. Wholesale Hats, for instance, is a well known supplier.

Do your research and partner with a reliable company as you learn how to sell hats online. That way, your steady stream of supplies is just one less thing to worry about as you focus on building the rest of your business.

4. Build a website that will become the centerpiece of your store.

Creating a website seems difficult. But with the right software, it’s as easy as pointing and clicking. Find the design template that accurately matches what you’ve imagined for your store. With specific hat website templates, getting a website you love up and running is easier than you could ever imagine.

5. Upload your products into the store.

You’ve almost learned everything about how to sell hats online. Now, it’s time to get your products uploaded into the store. Add snazzy copy to help sell each hat. Make sure to upload pictures, including action shots. Keep your pricing at a point where you can make your margins.

When you have everything set up in your store, you’re ready to launch! Consider it a feather in your cap.

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  • Show as Sold Out or Hide
    You can show your unique Hats as “Sold Out” or just hide it when purchased.
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    You can display multiple images per product.
  • Enlarge Images & Built-In Zoom
    All images by default have our 3dzoom and the can be enlarged upon clicking.
  • Customize Your Store
    You can design and customize your store to reflect your unique style.