Powerful eCommerce Marketing Software for Your Business

All the best tools to sell more and build customer loyalty


Marketing is a vital part of eCommerce, and covers several disciplines that will earn you repeat traffic and increase awareness of your brand.

Effective marketing takes a multiple-part strategy that reaches customers, attracts them to your online store, and convinces them to buy from you. Retaining those customers is another crucial aspect of marketing, and requires as many incentives as possible to get your customers to stick around. Whether you sell B2C, B2B, or both, Shift4Shop's versatile eCommerce marketing software and flexible promotional tools enable you to create effective strategies to build interest and increase your conversions.

Build Awareness of Your Business

No business can survive without exposure, and to become known, you need to go where your customers are. Shift4Shop's marketing software includes all the tools you need to get your brand out there where interested shoppers will see it, whether they're using a search engine, browsing social media, or viewing advertising anywhere on the web.

The Best SEO in the Industry

Did you know most customers start their shopping by searching for a product on Google or other search engines? That's why Search Engine Optimization gets more important every year. The good news is that Shift4Shop includes built-in SEO tools to simplify the variety of tasks required to earn a high search ranking, with no technical knowledge needed. Boost your rankings with the most complete set of SEO features in eCommerce!

  • Free domain name registration
  • Customizable meta tags, page titles, and H1 headings
  • Customizable URLs structured for SEO
  • Customizable image ALT tags
  • PageSpeed optimized
  • Fully mobile-friendly store design
  • Google AMP for products
  • SEO-friendly navigation with breadcrumb links
  • Schema.org markup
  • 301 redirects with 404 auto-detect
  • Canonical URLs
  • Dynamic XML sitemap generation
  • Control of Robots.txt
  • Google Analytics integration
  • And more...

Establish Brand Authority with a Built-in Blog

Content marketing is a powerful SEO tactic as well as a reliable way to position your business as a thought leader in your industry. Shift4Shop includes a built-in blogging platform as part of your website, which saves you the trouble of maintaining multiple web pages, ensures consistent branding between them, and carries over all your blog's earned SEO authority to the rest of your online store.


Advertise Your Business on Social Media

Shift4Shop works for your social media strategy whether you pursue organic marketing, paid advertising, or both. Social Sharing buttons allow customers to quickly Tweet about your products, blog posts, or pages, Like or Share them to Facebook, and more.

Export your products to your Facebook Shop for customers to buy directly from your Page, while your orders and inventory remain synchronized with your Shift4Shop store. Install the Facebook Pixel in seconds to activate powerful retargeting techniques that will display your Facebook ads to viewers who have visited your website or whose browser activity indicates that they're likely to be interested in your products. Plus, with Facebook's ultra-targeted Dynamic Ads, you can define an audience of your ideal customers and get the most out of your ad budget at all times.


Sell More with


Google Shopping lets customers search and compare products from thousands of retailers. Shift4Shop makes it simple to add and synchronize your own products, complete with pricing, star ratings, images, and more. You can use the same data when setting up paid Google Shopping Ads, which have the potential to be seen by millions of interested shoppers.


Complete Targeted Email Marketing System

Email newsletters are one of the most effective methods of drawing customers back to your store, and Shift4Shop's eCommerce marketing software includes a built-in newsletter system perfect for keeping your subscribers' interest. Visitors to your website can sign up at any time, even if they haven't made a purchase. Prefer to use a different newsletter provider like MailChimp or AWeber? Connect them to your Shift4Shop account in moments with our seamless integration.

Shift4Shop's email tools don't stop at newsletters. You can also set up drip campaigns to send out a series of post-purchase emails with our Autoresponders, while our Abandoned Cart Saver encourages customers via email to return and complete their transaction. You'll have everything you need to effectively engage with customers, both pre- and post-purchase.


Create the Perfect Landing Pages

Need to build a dedicated landing page for a marketing campaign? No problem — Shift4Shop makes it easy to add new custom pages to your website. All pages are automatically consistent with your site's design and can be customized to your needs. Create as many Extra Pages as you want, whether for ad campaigns, product guides, extra information, or any other purpose.


Offer Discounts and Promotions Your Customers Will Love

Shift4Shop's marketing software provides you with several easy-to-use tools to create exciting discounts and promotional events that will entice your customers and raise your sales.

  • Powerful, Versatile Promotions

    Create discounts as you see fit, including percentages and dollar amounts, and apply them to as many products as you desire — complete with custom expiration dates. Generate coupon codes to distribute to your customers, or add click-to-apply promotions to your emails and social media posts. You can even configure options like maximum usage to create limited first-come first-served sales, popular for social media events. Shift4Shop gives you the freedom to create promotions exactly as you envision!

  • Time-Limited Daily and Group Deals

    Create a sense of urgency with Daily Deals, complete with a countdown timer on your front page. Or, set up a sale that's meant to go viral with a Group Deal, which requires a participation threshold to activate the discount. Customers will share Group Deals with their friends in hopes of qualifying!


Increase Conversions and Please Your Customers

Once you've done the hard work of enticing customers to your website, you want them to stick around. Shift4Shop has all the best features your customers will love.

  • Earn More Customers with Guest Checkout

    Wish lists encourage customers to shop. Let your customers create multiple wish lists they can mark as private or share on social media as they see fit. Shareable wish lists also help inform new customers about your store.

  • Shareable, Customizable Wish Lists

    Create a sense of urgency with Daily Deals, complete with a countdown timer on your front page. Or, set up a sale that's meant to go viral with a Group Deal, which requires a participation threshold to activate the discount. Customers will share Group Deals with their friends in hopes of qualifying!

  • Smooth Returns and Increase Satisfaction with Store Credit

    Offer store credit to your customers at any time and in any amount, whether you're awarding credits instead of a refund, or simply to provide customer service in any situation. Issue credit on a specific order directly from the Order Management screen, issue it from an RMA, or add it directly to the customer record at any time. Customers will instantly receive credit toward their next purchase on your store at the dollar amount you specify.

  • Offer Digital Gift Certificates

    Some people are just hard to shop for, and gift certificates are the answer! Offer gift certificates for sale that can be emailed directly to the recipient.

  • Customizable Gift Wrapping Options

    Easily offer gift wrapping with as many options as you desire, priced as needed. Gift wrapping services encourage customers to shop for their friends, which introduces more people to your brand.

  • Create the Perfect Gift Registry

    Help your customers prepare for life’s big moments with gift registries. Shareable with friends and family, gift registries make it easy for customers to organize and share a list of their favorite or most desired products, helping in turn to bring increased traffic and sales to your online store.

  • Let Customers Haggle with Make-an-Offer

    Let customers make a real-time offer on products you choose, with a minimum amount that must be met in order to be accepted. Or view the customer's offer and submit a counteroffer until you've worked out the price together. It's the eCommerce version of the time-tested tradition of haggling in the marketplace, and customers love the feeling of getting the best deal possible.

Turn Shoppers into Lifetime Customers with a Loyalty Program

Keep your customers coming back for more with a Loyalty Program that awards points for every purchase. Choose which items award points, how much each Reward Point is worth, which products can be redeemed for points, and whether or not points expire. You can also award points manually for any reason, and create promotions that award extra points for certain actions like reaching a minimum order size. With our newsletter SmartLists you can automatically contact customers to remind them of their Reward Points balance or inform them of an approaching expiration date.


Turn Customers into Advocates for Your Brand

When a customer trusts and loves your brand, their loyalty can grow further into advocacy. Advocates are true fans that can't wait to tell their friends about your brand. Shift4Shop makes it easy for them to spread the word!

  • Tell A Friend

    Create a custom email template that your customers can quickly send to their friends to recommend a product. Include a coupon code to help entice your new customer!

  • Affiliate Program

    An Affiliate Program is free advertising by some of your most passionate fans. Let your customers sign up to become affiliates and earn a referral commission on the sales they bring in. We've simplified all the complex tracking and commission payments so running an Affiliate Program has never been easier.



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