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Enterprise eCommerce Hosting

Your enterprise business needs a web host that can support and protect it.

When you're processing a high volume of transactions, every microsecond counts — slow websites lose customers. Safety is also vital for an eCommerce business, as both you and your customers need to be protected from data breaches, hackers, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and other influence from bad actors. You simply can't do business online without web hosting that offers the speed and security you need.

Shift4Shop Enterprise brings together the three crucial aspects of web hosting for high-volume eCommerce: performance, security, and convenience. Deliver near-instant webpage loading and a seamless checkout experience to your customers around the globe. Rest assured that your website, customer data, and business accounts are protected with the newest technology. And get it all without any extra work on your part, as we handle software updates, monitor your website, and much more.

support and protect

Lightning-Fast Performance Worldwide

As an enterprise eCommerce business, your customers can be anywhere. Expanding your customer base around the world requires web hosting that can serve millions of simultaneous visitors. Your website also needs to load quickly regardless of a customer's physical distance from your data centers. Shift4Shop Enterprise is powered by both Microsoft and Cloudflare to ensure top-tier performance for your customers anywhere in the world.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Powerful Server Infrastructure

Shift4Shop Enterprise is built on Microsoft Azure server infrastructure, and is fully scalable for businesses of any size. Pull in massive amounts of traffic without worrying about slowdown or website failure. Your site can handle any number of customers at any time.

99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

99.99% uptime is among the highest SLAs (Service Level Agreements) available in web hosting. It guarantees that if a website suffers any downtime at all, it won't last any longer than a cumulative maximum of 52m 35s across an entire year. That's no more than 8 seconds a day, guaranteed — if any downtime occurs at all.

24/7 Monitoring

Shift4Shop watches your website around the clock, ensuring that any outages that do happen can be addressed immediately by our team of engineers. You can check the status of all Shift4Shop services at any time at ttps:// and also view a record of past incidents.

Global Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a series of interlinked data centers that reduces site loading times by delivering website content closer to the visitor's location. Shift4Shop uses Cloudflare's CDN to cache and deliver website pages worldwide and balance your traffic, so your site will load quickly and reliably across the globe.

More Speed with Argo Smart Routing

Cloudflare uses Argo technology to analyze and optimize website data routing in real time, which helps avoid traffic congestion and prevent outages. Average request speeds of 9 milliseconds ensure visitors will be immediately routed through the network to the datacenter that provides the most ideal loading speed.

Cutting-Edge Security for Your Business & Customers

Security is the top concern of any customer shopping online. With Shift4Shop Enterprise, you can put your customers' worries to rest. Their data will be fully protected during the entire time they shop on your store, from login to checkout. Your business is also fully protected from hacking and other malicious activity. In addition to the built-in security provided by Microsoft's Azure hosting platform, Shift4Shop also uses Cloudflare protection, and provides even more security features for you within our software.

Cutting-Edge Security

Sitewide SSL Encryption

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption will prevent attempts to intercept any customer data as it travels between the customer and your online store. Additionally, sitewide HTTPS will cause your website to be marked as secure in the customer's web browser, increasing their confidence in your business.

PCI Certification

PCI compliance is a set of standards that businesses must meet or exceed before they can take credit cards online. It includes a complex number of tasks including the use of reliable security software, data center inspections, and more, and can cost a business thousands of dollars per year. Shift4Shop Enterprise is fully PCI certified, so your business can completely avoid the time and expense of seeking out PCI compliance on your own.

Daily Backups

Damage to your website could have enormous consequences for your business. At Shift4Shop, we back up your site every day as an extra layer of protection. Your backups are always there for you, whether you've experienced an issue or simply want to undo a mistake.

DDoS Protection

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is an organized attempt to overload a website and prevent it from being able to load for legitimate customers. Shift4Shop uses cutting-edge DDoS protection from Cloudflare to ensure these attacks are identified and stopped before they can cause any harm.

More Speed with Argo Smart Routing

If one of your employees suffers a data breach, a malicious hacker could access their login information for your online store. That's why Shift4Shop includes 2-factor authentication as an option for logging into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. Choose between multiple 2-step verification methods to ensure your store remains safe, even if a password is compromised.

Role-Based Security

Your online business might have any number of employees, including sales representatives, a marketing team, inventory or fulfillment management staff, and more. With Shift4Shop, you can create Staff User accounts and define their roles so these employees can only access specific parts of the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. Feel free to delegate without concerns that an employee could make changes outside their authorization.

Manage Your Website with Convenience

One of the biggest benefits of SaaS eCommerce is that all the technical aspects of your software are handled by the provider. Shift4Shop takes this a step further — not only do we take responsibility for updating and upgrading your software, we also provide you with extra methods and tools for managing your website with the utmost convenience. The less work you have to do with your web hosting, the more time you can spend growing your business!

Manage Your Website

Fully Managed SaaS Hosting

Shift4Shop is an all-in-one SaaS eCommerce platform, meaning you don't need to install anything on a web server or your own computer. Simply log in with any modern web browser and you're good to go. You can even run your business on the road from your mobile device.

Unlimited Disk Space

High-quality product images can take up a lot of disk space, especially if you have a large number of products. Video has become much more popular in eCommerce as well, so many retailers add product videos along with the images. With Shift4Shop Enterprise, disk space will never be an issue, as you'll have as much as you need to expand your website with all the media you desire.

Automatic Software Upgrades

At Shift4Shop, we're always adding new features and improving on existing ones because we want you to have the most current eCommerce tools available. This means frequent updates to our software, which we handle on our end so you can run your business uninterrupted.

FTP Access to Website Files

An enterprise eCommerce website can be extremely large, sometimes needing tens of thousands of files including product images, videos, theme files for the site's design, and more. You can easily access your web space through FTP so you can upload files in bulk, saving hours of time.

Unlimited Disk Space

High-quality product images can take up a lot of disk space, especially if you have a large number of products. Video has become much more popular in eCommerce as well, so many retailers add product videos along with the images. With Shift4Shop Enterprise, disk space will never be an issue, as you'll have as much as you need to expand your website with all the media you desire.

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