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Enterprise Pricing

As your business grows, your expenses will grow along with it.

Serving a bigger customer base, sourcing new products, hiring more staff… these all add up, increasing your overhead along with your profits. Since your eCommerce website is central to your business, you also need to strengthen it with enterprise-grade infrastructure to support your growth, which adds yet another expense. Enterprise eCommerce software is notoriously expensive and time-consuming.

But Shift4Shop is different. We've found a way to offer our enterprise eCommerce platform at a much more affordable price than the competition, without sacrificing quality. You'll get everything you need to support your business's continued expansion and pull in revenue like never before, at a fraction of the cost of other software.

In an increasingly competitive eCommerce world, Shift4Shop will give you the edge you need.

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Enterprise Ecommerce
Plans & Pricing

  • Over $10M/yr in online sales
  • Unlimited Staff Users
  • $499 One-time Setup Fee
Free Enterprise
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Advanced eCommerce Functionality for Enterprise Businesses

Shift4Shop Enterprise packages include bonus apps to enhance your business with additional features.

Advanced eCommerce

Advanced Shipping Modules

Enterprise businesses often have additional shipping and fulfillment needs due to their larger reach and wider customer base. With Shift4Shop's Enterprise I plan, you'll automatically get the following advanced shipping modules for your online store.

Advanced Shipping Modules

Address Verification

Regular price: $9.99/mo. – $449.99/mo. based on number of orders. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

It happens — sometimes a customer makes a mistake entering their shipping address during checkout. Whether it's a forgotten apartment number, a typo in the street name, an incorrect ZIP code, or anything else, these mistakes cause problems for both you and the customer. The customer needs to wait longer for their order, and your business will have both a customer service situation to deal with and the possibility of carrier fees or lost inventory.

Restrictive Shipping

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Sometimes certain products require specific shipping methods, whether because of regulations within the shipping industry, special needs relating to the products, or other reasons. If customers select inappropriate shipping methods for orders that include these products, you'll face fulfillment issues — and instructing customers to always select certain shipping methods for particular products simply won't work much of the time.

Shift4Shop's Restrictive Shipping Add-On enables you to define specific shipping methods for products that need these restrictions, even if a customer's order includes other items that can ship normally.

Multiple Distributors

Regular price: $49/mo. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

If your business sells across multiple regions or if you've scaled up further and gone global, you can face fulfillment challenges based on varying shipping costs and times for customers in different locations. Multiple distribution centers can solve this problem by shipping your products from locations closer to the customer.

Shift4Shop's Multiple Distributors Add-On allows you to designate service areas for multiple distribution centers so your customers can receive their orders from the distributor closest to their location. Define areas each distributor will ship to, and set up exceptions as needed. Shipping costs will always reflect the distribution center that will actually fulfill the customer's order.

Advanced Product Management

Enterprises often have large inventories, which means additional requirements for product management. Without adequate tools, your business can face insurmountable challenges, so Shift4Shop Enterprise includes the following advanced product management tools.

Advanced Product Management

options rules

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Large product selections often have numerous options, such as size, color, material, and more. Certain products may also have restrictions on their options, such as mutually-exclusive option combinations or unavailability of specific combinations of options. With several eCommerce platforms, the only way to handle these special option requirements is to split up your products into separate listings, but Shift4Shop has solved this problem.

Shift4Shop's Option Rules Add-On expands on the possibilities for your unlimited product options and variants by allowing you to set rules that define which options can be selected depending on previously-selected options. When the customer chooses options on a product, the remaining option selections will dynamically display or hide according to your Option Rules.

Inventory Stock Buffer

Regular price: $99. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Certain situations may make it desirable for your business to keep a buffer of backup inventory on hand while awaiting restocking. Your reasons for this can vary, but backup inventory can be difficult to keep track of correctly while also ensuring it isn't accidentally sold early — especially if your customers can view your inventory count.

Shift4Shop's Inventory Stock Buffer Add-On lets you decide how much backup inventory you want to keep on hand, while still allowing you to display your chosen "out of stock" message to your customers (Sold Out, Back Order, Waiting List, etc.). Simply enter the buffer size you want, and the number will be subtracted from your public-facing inventory.

Reserve Inventory

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Highly-anticipated products can be sold out within minutes of their release. Sometimes the product is released in limited numbers, or the distributor simply underestimated the demand. Other times, the product is already expected to sell out quickly, as in the case of event tickets and other time-sensitive items. No matter the reason, customers will flock to their favorite online retailers in a hurry to get these products while they can. The one thing shoppers hate most in this situation is to add the product to their cart only for someone else to snap up the last one before they could finish checkout!

Shift4Shop's Reserve Inventory Add-On helps manage the rush (and prevent customer dissatisfaction) by ensuring that any products added to a customer's cart cannot be claimed by another customer for 15 minutes (or a configurable time you set). If the time limit passes and the customer still hasn't checked out, the reservation is removed automatically.

Custom Product Email

Regular price: $49. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Some products require a bit of introduction in the form of a user's guide or other information. Rather than trying to direct customers toward the information on your product page, it's often better to send it directly to their inbox — which also gives you a chance to address them personally. Personalization and attention to customers' needs are two of your most powerful customer service tools.

Shift4Shop's Custom Product Email Add-On allows you to create product-specific emails to be sent to customers after their order, so they will receive an email that directly relates to the product they just purchased. This makes it simple to send product-specific information when necessary, and also signals to customers that you are paying attention.

Shift4Shop's Address Verification Add-On uses the USPS address matching system to check the validity of the destination address in real time, and display any needed corrections to the customer to help ensure on-time, accurate delivery.

eCommerce Automation

Automation has many benefits for both you and your customers, and provides them with a level of convenience they'll always appreciate. Shift4Shop Enterprise includes some bonus automation tools to enhance your online store.

eCommerce Automation

Autoship Recurring Orders

Regular price: $49.99/mo. – $99.98/mo. based on number of orders. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Subscription services are very popular in eCommerce, whether it's to help customers keep a supply of needed items, or to offer them regular samples or other surprises in a monthly or quarterly "box." No matter your business model, if you want to ensure automatic recurring orders and deliveries for your customers, you need a way to let them set it up conveniently.

Shift4Shop's Address Verification Add-On uses the USPS address matching system to check the validity of the destination address in real time, and display any needed corrections to the customer to help ensure on-time, accurate delivery.

Time-To-Reorder Reminder Service

Regular price: $49.99/mo. Included FREE in Shift4Shop Enterprise.

Some customers want to replenish products on a regular basis without needing to manage a subscription. However, remembering to reorder can present its own problems, and customers always appreciate the ability to receive reminders from their favorite online retailer.

Shift4Shop's Time to Reorder Add-On lets you set up configurable reminders to be automatically sent to customers when it's time for them to renew their supply of your products. You can offer different reminder frequencies and select which products to which they apply. Customers will be able to opt in to receive reminders when they place their order.

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