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Manning the merchandise table at a show will only get you so many sales. Extend your earning potential beyond the venue and into the digital realm, where bands like yours are earning on merch any time of day, all across the globe. With the Shift4Shop solution, you can easily cater to fans worldwide with merchandise that’s conveniently available 24/7/365.

How to Build a Band Merch eCommerce Website

Merch is a great way to have others spread the word about your music. If you’re wondering how to build a band merch eCommerce website, we’ve got the information you’re looking for right here. Selling your stuff online is easier than ever, and you don’t even need to have experience in website design or development.

To get the right harmony, look for a company with a long history of outstanding customer support and successful business. Designate someone (your manager, maybe) to run the website. That way, you can extend your income beyond the crowd at gigs and make sure you have a virtual merch table running at all hours of the day.

Here are a few more tips for learning how to build a band merch eCommerce website.

Pick the shopping cart that strikes a chord with you.

The market is flooded with eCommerce options. Which one is right for you?

Choosing the right shopping cart means a feature-rich experience. For instance, it's nice to have a color-swatch on your t-shirts, right? That way, shoppers can envision their shirt in a different color. It’s also nice to have plenty of options for partnerships; aligning with a shipping company like FedEx, for instance, is simple with Shift4Shop. All you need to do is set up the plugin and start selling.

Upload your products into the system.

Learning how to build a band merch eCommerce website means you’ll have to input your products into the system. If you’re already running on a different shopping cart, a platform like Shift4Shop eases the process by allowing batch imports. If you’re starting from scratch, remember to upload all of the important details for each product: descriptions, pricing, pictures, stock quantity, size, etc.

Include all of the relevant information about your band or label.

The shopping cart portion of the site is one thing; what about the design and all of the relevant information about your band or record label? With a shopping cart solution like Shift4Shop, this part of the process is simple. It shouldn't slow you down in your quest to build a band merch eCommerce website.

You'll first want to choose a design template and customize the layout to your liking. Next, you want to input your band or label name and background information for new visitors. Finally, using software with a strong content management system (or CMS) means you can upload some of your music to feature on the site itself.

Don't forget to configure taxes.

Taxes may differ based on your home state, but your software should offer you the ability to set simple tax rules. That way, it'll automatically calculate tax for you, ensuring that you build your band merch eCommerce website the right way.

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