eCommerce Blogging Module

The built-in blog is a Shift4Shop module that enables blogging functionality as a feature of your online store. You can use the blog to post news, updates, and other information about your store and products as you see fit. Blogging can be very beneficial for your website, not only as a means of communication with your customers, but as a means of increasing your search engine rankings through posting useful and authoritative content.

Shift4Shop’s built-in blog includes all the major blogging functionality including post categories and archives, a commenting feature with the option to use Disqus Comments, and more. As a benefit of being built into your Shift4Shop store, the blog can perfectly match your site’s theme to ensure a consistent look across your entire website, which is difficult to achieve with an outside blogging platform.


Shift4Shop’s Built-In Blog Module Gallery


Built-In Blog Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find the blog module?

The blog is located under Content in the left-hand navigation of your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder. Click on Content to expand the section, and then click Blog.

  • How do I change the blog’s categories and settings?

In the Blog dashboard, you will see buttons for these options along the top right of the page.

  • Why doesn’t my blog show up anywhere on my site?

You need to make sure you’ve created a menu link to the blog and that you have posted at least one article. Click on Content and then Site Content to create a menu link.


Built-In Blog Module Testimonials

“Since I started blogging, I’ve seen traffic go up substantially as people are finding my site due to Google searches. I try to make an informative post every week, relating to my products and industry, and people are finding my store through these posts. Everything is set up for SEO, and if I get tired of writing the blogs myself I can get 3dcart’s excellent blogging service. It helps a lot.”

March 14, 2017