Email Marketing Autoresponder

Shift4Shop’s Autoresponder module automatically sends a personalized email to a customer after they place an order, and allows you to fully customize your automated emails and when they are sent out. For example, you can set up your Autoresponder to send an immediate “thank you” to a customer for their order, followed by an exclusive coupon a few days afterward, and followed up with a review request or product recommendations. It’s up to you.

Autoresponders are one of the best ways to engage your customers and turn them into loyal, repeat shoppers through exemplary customer service. All you need to do is set it up, and the Shift4Shop Autoresponders module handles it for you.



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Autoresponder Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get Shift4Shop’s Autoresponder feature?

The Autoresponder is included for free in our free End-to-End eCommerce plan as well as Shift4Shop Pro and up. It is also available in the Shift4Shop App Store.

  • How much customization can I do?

You can fully customize the automatic emails and the rules under which they are sent out. Use them to thank customers, offer discounts for items related to their purchase, request a product review a month later, and more.

  • How do I set up my Autoresponder emails?

There are two components that need to be set up: the Autoresponder itself, and the Automation Rules. You can find complete, easy-to-follow instructions on the Shift4Shop Knowledgebase.


Autoresponder Module Testimonials


“I have been using autoresponders for about 3 months and I already have more return customers than I used to. I send an immediate thank you email, and then 3 days later I send them a special coupon only for repeat customers. Thanks to 3dcart’s autoresponder I now have many of the same customers coming back again and again, and I feel many of them are very loyal to me as a merchant.”

March 14, 2017