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Automate Your eCommerce Website

One goal of any eCommerce website is to regularly attract a wide number of visitors to the store. However, after reaching a certain level of popularity, retailers may find that certain tasks have become more difficult and time-consuming. Personally sending emails to individual customers and manually reviewing potential members can become a chore — and a distraction from more important tasks. Which is why it is important to automate your ecommerce store.

Shift4Shop’s Automation Rules help lighten the workload by letting the computer accomplish certain tasks without human operation. This includes automatically changing the status of an order, which makes shipping and inventory management much smoother. Store owners can set autoresponders to send messages any time a specific event happens, such as a customer purchasing an item within a certain price range. Automation rules can also be used to categorize customers into different groups, allowing online businesses to create VIP or “members only” options. With Automation Rules, email campaigns and customer targeting are easier than ever before.



Top Features

  • Automatically add customers to Customer Groups and/or membership tiers
  • Flag orders with specific colors to identify and manage them more easily

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Automation Rules Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of Automation Rules can I set?

While Automation Rules can be heavily customized, they get triggered by two basic types of activity. The first type is for orders, meaning you can set rules that activate certain tasks based on a customer’s purchase. The second type is for customer registration, allowing you to create automated rules that target customers when they sign up to be part of a specific customer group. Within these types, automated rules can be triggered by order status, customer group, payment method, shipping method, distributor, order amount, and specific categories and products.

  • What are some benefits of automatically adding customers to Customer Groups?

Customer Groups allow you to grant certain privileges to specific people. For example, you can automatically provide access to specific pages for anyone who registers as part of a certain VIP group. You can even use an alternative business model where people cannot even enter your website, much less see its products, unless they pay for membership. These tantalizing options can greatly encourage visitors and increase conversions.

  • Can I set an Automation Rule for a specific product?

Absolutely. You can set the parameters of an Automation Rule so that a website takes action based on the purchase of a specific product. An example could be someone buying a certain item, which then prompts the system to send an email to that customer with recommendations for related products. You can set highly specific Automation Rules like this for as many as five individual items at once.

Automation Rules Feature Testimonials

“Catering to different kinds of people based on what they like is essential to the survival of a business. That’s why Shift4Shop’s Automation Rules feature is the bee’s knees. With this feature, my website can communicate better and sell more, letting me concentrate on other things.”