Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest obstacles to eCommerce sales — almost 70% of online shoppers add items to their cart and leave without completing their purchase. Good security, clear pricing, and simple checkouts all help to address the problem, but it’s impossible to guess every reason a customer might have for abandoning their cart. That’s where Shift4Shop’s Abandoned Cart Saver comes in.

With Shift4Shop’s Abandoned Cart Saver, you can create fully branded, customizable email campaigns to target customers with abandoned carts and entice them back to finish their purchase. These email campaigns can be personalized however you prefer, using templates or designed from scratch, and will automatically be sent at your specified intervals.

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Automated recovery emails that go out to the shoppers when specified
  • Recovery Emails can be fully customized to perfectly match your store’s branding
  • Full reporting of the results of your abandoned cart recovery campaigns

Shift4Shop’s Abandoned Cart Saver in Action

Abandoned Cart Saver Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the Abandoned Cart Saver in my store?

Abandoned Cart Saver is included in our free End-to-End eCommerce plan as well as Shift4Shop Plus and higher, and can also be accessed through the Shift4Shop App Store for a low monthly fee. Once the app is active for your account, you can find it under Modules in the Shift4Shop Online Store Builder.

  • What parts of the abandoned cart emails can I customize?

You can fully edit both the text and HTML versions of all Abandoned Cart Saver emails you create, whether or not you chose to start from a template.

  • Where do I view my Abandoned Cart Saver report?

Under Abandoned Cart Saver in Modules, click Change Settings. To the top right of the screen you will see a button labeled View Report, which you can click to access it.


Customers successfully recovering abandoned carts

“I started using the Abandoned Cart Saver mostly because I was curious how well it would work. Well, it recovered over 13% of the abandoned carts within the first week, and as I started narrowing down what it was that attracted those customers back, that number has been creeping up. I even got a thank-you email from a customer who told me she had simply forgotten to finish the purchase and appreciated the reminder.”

June 25, 2018