Daily Deals and Group Deals Modules

Among your Shift4Shop store’s built-in features are two powerful marketing tools: Daily Deals and Group Deals. With Daily Deals, you can create a special discount that lasts 24 hours before it gets replaced, complete with a countdown timer to inform your customers how much time they have left to snag the discount. Group Deals, on the other hand, allow you to create a promotion in which a target number of customers must buy an item within a defined time limit in order to unlock the discounted price.

Both of these features are great for creating a sense of urgency and inspiring your customers to share your deals with their friends. They’re also great for helping you move overstocked inventory. Setup is simple and the results are eye-catching.

Running Daily Deals and Group Deals in Shift4Shop


Screenshots of Daily Deals and Group Deals features

Daily and Group Deals Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enable either of these features?

In your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder, click Modules in the left-hand navigation. Simply type deals into the search bar at the top, and both modules will appear with their respective Enable checkboxes and links to settings.

  • Can I have multiple Daily Deals going at once?

Yes, this can be set up in the Daily Deals settings under View Deals, the button found to the top right. In this screen you can find Deal Groups (not to be confused with Group Deals), which allow you to run multiple deals concurrently.

  • How long do the Group Deals last?

This is up to you; you get to decide the deadline as well as the number of purchases needed to reach the discounted price. If you don’t reach your target, it’s up to you as to whether you honor the deal or not, offer customers an alternative, or anything you decide. You have full control!


Customers increased sales by running daily and group deals

“I had a ton of these beach umbrellas taking space in my warehouse and I wanted to clear them out, so I made a Group Deal on them. It was getting pretty late in the year so I promoted it as a ‘Get Ready to Go South for the Winter’ sale. Not only did I sell all the umbrellas, people also bought other beach items!”

June 25, 2018