Visitor IP Blocking Security

On the surface, you might assume a successful online store would have as many customers as possible, but on closer examination that isn’t always the case. Sometimes you need to limit your customers for a variety of reasons. You might need to prevent shoppers from a certain country from ordering from your store, whether due to different laws or restrictions that mean you can’t legally sell to them or because shipping costs to their area would be prohibitive. Or, you might need to block a troublesome customer due to fraudulent orders or other types of abuse.

Shift4Shop lets you block the relevant IP addresses from accessing your online store, whether for geographical restrictions or to protect your eCommerce website from malicious users. You can block specific IP addresses or a complete range of them to cover both individuals and regions. Shift4Shop’s IP Blocking Security Feature gives you the power to decide where, and to whom, you are willing to sell your products.

How the visitor’s IP blocking works

  • Block a range of IP addresses, or individual IP addresses, through a simple interface
  • Prevent abusive visitors from accessing your online store
  • Limit your online presence to regions in which you can legally sell your products

Shift4Shop’s IP Blocking Security Feature in Action

IP Blocking Security Feature Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if a blocked user tries to visit my online store?

The blocked user will only see a “403 Access Forbidden” error. No part of your website will be visible.

  • Is there a quick way to see if an IP address is blocked?

Yes. In your IP Security panel, enter an IP address into the IP Verification field at the top of the page. If the IP address is part of a blocked range, the range it belongs to will be displayed.

  • I have several IP addresses I want to block. Do I need to add them individually?

Once you block your first IP address, you’ll see a button along the top right of the page which enables you to import a CSV file of IP addresses and ranges to add to your block list in bulk.


Stores successfully using the IP blocking security feature

“After a couple expensive mistakes involving packages being hung up in customs or confiscated, I realized my products were illegal in some of the countries I had tried to ship to. I wasn’t sure how to solve this problem at first, but blocking the IP address ranges for those countries did the trick. It’s nice to have one less potential problem off my plate!”

June 25, 2018