Purchase Order System

As any merchant knows, keeping inventory in stock is of utmost importance. Keeping products replenished can be a huge hassle, though, especially for a small business or one with a ton of products from different distributors. Purchase Orders make the process go a lot smoother.

Your Shift4Shop store has a built-in Purchase Order system that allows you to set up Purchase Orders and then send them to the correct distributor at the right time with a few clicks of the mouse. Streamline your inventory management and improve your productivity with this convenient system.

Top Features

  • Set up Purchase Orders per distributor
  • Generate the Purchase Orders when stock falls below a defined level
  • Receive Purchase Orders and restock inventory from the same screen

Shift4Shop’s Purchase Order System Gallery

Purchase Order System Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to the Purchase Order section?

First, you must enable the module in your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder. Then, Purchase Orders can be found by clicking Settings, then General, then Distributors. In this screen, you can add default information such as your payment info and shipping address.

  • How do I add individual products to the Purchase Order?

Once you have set up your Purchase Orders as above, you can add Reorder Quantities to each product’s Information tab. When inventory falls below this number, a Purchase Order will be generated.

  • How do I manage these generated Purchase Orders?

As Purchase Orders are generated, they will be added to a list for you to process. Click Products and then Purchase Orders to view, edit, and finally send them to your distributors.


Purchase Order System Testimonials

“I like the Purchase Order system. It helps a lot with automatic creation of the emails I need to send off every now and then when I get low on some items. It’s very easy to use and keep track of, and I don’t have to do much to get them out and it’s become
second nature.”

July 26, 2018