Returns and exchanges are a fact of life for every seller, both on and offline. They are often a point of contention between customers and merchants, and a common cause for a customer relations breakdown. A return and exchange policy can be the tipping point for a customer deciding whether to make a purchase.

Shift4Shop’s built-in Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module arms you with an interface and tools for you to smoothly process returns and exchanges, helping you provide stellar customer service through a clear return policy. You can create a list of return reasons for the customer to select, decide under what conditions a return will be accepted, and more.

Top Features

  • Configure acceptable time limits and return methods for every item
  • Completely customizable return reasons
  • Optionally require customers to upload images to show damages before accepting a return


Built-In RMA Feature in Action


Shift4Shop’s Built-In RMA Feature Gallery

Built-In RMA Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change the maximum time period in which a customer is eligible for a return?

You can change this when enabling the RMA module under RMA Max Period (days). This is a global setting but you can override this number on an individual product’s page, such as to assign a shorter period to a more expensive item.

  • Can I request proof that an item was damaged before allowing a return?

Yes, you can require that the customer upload an image that shows the damage to the item. You can also upload images to the customer. The upload feature also accepts document files as well as images.

  • What kinds of RMA settings can I customize?

You can customize both the return methods and return reasons. Default return methods are Money Back, Exchange, and Another Product, while default return reasons are Broken, Don’t Like It, and It’s Not what I Want. You are free to change, add, or delete these as you see fit.


RMA Feature Testimonials

“I sell different types of products that definitely require different return policies. I need to be able to offer 90 days on some, 60 on others, and just 15 or 7 days on a few, in addition to the majority which have a standard 30 days. I have a couple things that are exchange only. This is necessary for the nature of my business and without 3dcart’s RMA it would be an absolute disaster!”

August 20, 2018