Waiting List & Back in Stock Notification

Just because a product is out of stock doesn’t mean customers should hit a wall when they want to buy it from you. And sometimes, you’re going to start selling an exciting new item in a few weeks and you want to get your customers excited about it right now. There’s a single feature that can handle both of these situations on your online store: the waiting list!

Shift4Shop’s built-in Waiting List module is a simple, quick way to add this feature to your online store. Keep your customers informed by notifying them when their desired product is back in stock, or create product pages for new releases early on so you can start your marketing long before the product is available. Build customer loyalty and create a sense of anticipation with waiting lists.

With Shift4Shop’s Waiting List feature you can:

  • Let customers sign up for the Waiting List for out-of-stock or not-yet-released products
  • View all customers on a particular Waiting List and automatically notify them when the product is available
  • Create Waiting Lists globally for all products, or for specific products only, at your discretion

Shift4Shop’s Waiting List Module in Action


Shift4Shop’s Waiting List Module Screenshots

Waiting List Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to switch products over to the waiting list when they go out of stock?

No, it’s automatic! If the waiting list is enabled for that product, the “Add to Cart” button will change automatically to “Put Me on the Waiting List.” When you get more inventory in stock, the button changes back to let customers add the product to their cart.

  • Can I take a customer off the waiting list if they change their mind?

Yes, you can delete customers from the waiting list for a product, and if necessary you can delete the entire waiting list for a specific product.

  • How do I notify customers when a product is back in stock?

You can send back-in-stock notifications to customers on a product’s waiting list with a few clicks, or configure these to go out automatically.


Testimonials from customers using the Back in Stock Notification

“I decided to use the waiting list feature when I got a good deal from my distributor for a new product. I added the new release to my store about a month before it was available, and started marketing it as the next great thing. I mostly just did this as a test but before I knew it, people were signing up left and right to get an email when the product was out. Thanks to that, I enabled waiting lists on all my products so if something goes out of stock, the customer can sign up and I don’t lose the sale. It works well and fits my store.”

March 23, 2018